Groundwater Dating And Residence-time Measurements

Sep 13, 2009. km2 respectively are characterized for the first time by measuring the combination of 18O. Keywords Grazer Feld, Leibnitzer Feld, groundwater dating, hydrochemistry, 18O, 3H3He,. 85Kr, CFC. The Mean Residence Time (MRT) describes the transport time of a water between infiltration and the. Groundwater Dating and Residence-Time Measurements | Request
Groundwater dating and residence-time measurements commack girls Using 81Kr and Noble Gases to Characterize and Date
Jan 23, 2018. Recommended publicationsIn contrast, relatively longer residence times of 10 to 40 years were distributed around the foot areas of the mountains. Any queries (other than missing content) should be directed to the corresponding author for the article. We applied this model to the kobe area, southwest japan.

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Groundwater Dating and Residence-time Measurements