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May 26, 2017. 34 thoughts on 9.18 New Matchmaking Chart. but to be sad tier 3 and 4 are more screwed vs 56 than 56 vs 78 (at last in WoWs, in WoT some tanks are screwed and some dont). LikeLike. played the lowe last night 15 battles bottom tiered 10 battles middle tier 1 battle top tier what a fucking joke Matchmaker Bug? Top Tier all the time?
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Jun 4, 2013. WG either balance arty decently or give them bit different MM. And not to mention how S-51 will one shot tier 5 tanks even with simple splash damage. This whole patch is becoming sick joke. ReplyDelete. Replies. Anonymous Jun 4, 2013, 91000 PM. WG either balance arty decently. SU-14s initial aim is.

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